A Morning At Hanging Rock | Life Updates

The hardest thing about having a creative and entrepreneurial mind is that not every idea hits you at the right moment. So much stuff gets in the way of my ideas: money, work, lack of time, resources. But it's important to keep chipping away at the mould until you eventually break through - persistence is key.

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personalCarolyn West
Test Shoot: Christian

It's been a while since I've done a portrait shoot. This is mostly due to the fact that I've been too busy climbing mountains to spend some time shooting some more *~fashion~* images, but I've also been feeling a little uninspired in this department.

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Working Remotely: 3 things I struggled with in Hawaii

Working remotely might seem like a dream, but often it’s more hard work than one would imagine. Sure, you get to travel and earn a living simultaneously, but you also need to put in the hard yards before, during and after your trip. Keeping clients happy whilst you are also traveling is tricky. Time zones, adventures calling your name, and an endless to-do list can be hard to navigate – but also very rewarding! 

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girlbossCarolyn West

After shooting for six years, I've found that my hunger for creativity and ability to harness inspiration passes me by faster than the days of the month. Everything comes and goes so quickly that I often don't get time to react. 

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