Carolyn West is a freelance photographer, content creator and communications consultant based in East London. She specialises in the fashion & lifestyle, hospitality and travel industries, helping rad small businesses achieve their online dreams. She's also known to photograph the odd wedding.


Since photographing her first fashion week at the age of 17, Carolyn has since snapped collections by Alex Perry, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dion Lee and Romance Was Born. Carolyn had her first solo exhibition titled Deluded Youth on Hardware Lane, Melbourne in 2012 and went on to interview and photograph American writer, magazine editor, singer and actress Tavi Gevinson in 2013.


After a brief stint studying Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, Carolyn went on to complete a Bachelor's degree in Media Communication and Public Relations at Deakin University. Carolyn's photographic background has allowed her to explore communication from both a written and visual media perspective. Her work unifies artistic practices with commercial outcomes to create a truly unique product for her clients.

Art can be difficult to understand, and even more challenging to capture. To distil something and capture all the intricacies in a 2D medium is no easy feat, yet, Carolyn somehow manages to do this, supporting the art she is photographing by revealing something we, the audience, may easily have missed. Her attention to detail and striking emotion within her shots makes her work a pleasure to reflect on.


In 2018, Carolyn swapped Fitzroy coffee shops for Hackney Warehouses and made the move to East London. Somewhat inspired by her never ending lust for travel and adventure, and born out of a place of boredom with the Australian creative climate, Carolyn now works with clients across the UK, Europe, America and Australia from her humble Hackney flat. Like all good workaholics, Carolyn survives off several strong cups of coffee a day, enjoys long walks around art galleries and a really good loaf of sourdough, and is somewhat obsessed with Hawaii.


Selected Clients

  • The Greens Victoria, Australia

  • Deakin University, Australia

  • Pivot Summit, Australia

  • Broadsheet Melbourne, Australia

  • Style Melbourne, Australia

  • Caffeine Magazine, London

  • Longflint Drinks, London

  • Gordon's Gin, London

  • Grind, London

  • Pacific Coffee Co, Hawaii

Carolyn is available year-round for national and international commissions, collaborations and creative adventures. She is currently living in East London, with plans to travel to Germany, France, Hawaii, NYC, Iceland and Australia in the near future. If you would like to get in touch, please leave a message below or email

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