The whole kit and kaboodal

Angelica, a fashion store located in Yarraville, Australia, offers thoughtfully chosen clothing for women of all ages, sizes and for all occasions. With a growing online store and bustling brick-and-mortar boutique, I was brought on to help the store flourish in the e-commerce space. 

To help launch the online store into the competitive Australian e-commerce market, I worked closely with the staff to create a new polished, sophisticated and professional visual identity. Drawing inspiration from brands such as Anthropologie and Madewell, we aimed to increase the Angelica world and break out of the confines of the Yarraville market.

With clean, crisp imagery, fresh graphic design, exciting in-store events and interviews with influencers in the greater area, we grew the online store sales from $79.00/month to over $6000/month over a period of ninety short days.

And, with customers visiting from over 4 continents around the world, Angelica certainly isn't confined to the residents of Yarraville anymore!