Time to give yourself a pat on the back because you're about to make a great life decision: working with me. 

We're going to create some really cool shit together, just you wait.

You are: Looking for a visual facelift for your business, tour, or destination that is going to be visually engaging, thoughtful and timeless.

Trying to send someone to a crazy location to capture an even crazier subject for your publication.

Need some advice about how to do the whole digital marketing thing.


I am:

Working exclusively in the travel and lifestyle industries, specialising in working with brands that cater to the 18–35 backpacker market.

Practicing what I preach, which means I’m staying in hostels rather than hotels, living out of carry on luggage, scouring the internet for cheap flights. I am no BS.

Passionate about creating stories through visuals and text, providing everyone with the opportunity to see the world, alternative ways of living, and the sustainability of our environment. I’m also very passionate about coffee…

I believe that good visuals + a strategic approach = great content.


Well that’s cool and all but I know this person on instagram who is willing to do all of this work for free? Why should I hire you instead?

Well, honey, when you sign up to work with me you're strapping yourself into a rollercoaster of fun, ambition, good vibes and dance parties… but I’m also like an absolute boss, you know?

I have 8 years of photographic experience under my belt which means I always get the shot, at the highest quality, with the best equipment. I have worked tirelessly to perfect my craft and earn my place in the industry. I’m not just another person with a good camera, my tools are an extension of who I am as a person.

On top of that I have an expensive piece of paper that tells me I can do public relations, media communication and journalism things, but I like to think that the last 4 years of freelance client work in these fields accounts for more than that piece of paper ever will (weird flex, but ok).

My clients work with me because I bring an expected level of professionalism to my work whilst also providing good vibes and enthusiasm. I work with briefs, consultations, contracts, and reviews. Believe me, as a creative person, paperwork is my least favourite thing about the job, but an evil necessity.

I am not a gamble. I deliver every single time. I also only work on projects that inspire me or make me think, fuck yeah I love my job. So you know I'm never saying yes to something for the money.

Long story short, I'm here because I'm passionate about what I do - and what you do as well!


Here are some things you can ask me to help you with



+ Social media content

+ Promotional campaigns

+ Aftermovies


Now let's talk boring things: money

With that being said, I firmly believe that every client, project and job is very different, and for this reason I do not have a set pricing structure.

It's also important to me that small businesses and not-for-profits still have access to someone like me, because we can all benefit from a little extra digital love in our lives. Plus, passion is always better than earning the big $$. So whatever your budget might be, I'm open to it as long as it's fair and reasonable on both ends.



We all know freelances can be hella expensive... like wow. I have overheads to pay, equipment to upkeep and I definitely don't get sick or holiday pay - so like any business, this girl has bills to pay.

So yeah, I do have to charge a little more, but it's going back into my business, my equipment and my wellbeing so that I can bring you the best possible version of my work and myself - because without one or the other, it just doesn't work. 


OK I'm ready to do some cool fucking shit...

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