Abandoned Brighton

As chance would have it, instead of the angsty, moody images I sought out to capture, I ended up producing the series of work in this post. A somewhat abandoned Brighton with a whimsical post apocalyptic feel. Like if Wes Anderson directed a horror film of sorts. 

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Getting older is weird because inside your head you still feel like that same 16 year old writing in her journal, but now you have more lines where your eyes crease when you smile.

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3 Things I Learned On My First Group Travel Experience

I’m a serial solo traveller, so group travel is an entirely new experience. Solo travel comes with many perks (I get to do what I want, when I want, and how I want) but, as I learned this past weekend, group travel can open the doors to new experiences that you wouldn’t normally consider when you’re hacking it by yourself.

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