Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

I’m having separation anxiety with my occupation as a student.

Yes, you’re looking at, or rather reading the words of, a free woman. I now have a Bachelor’s degree in Media Communication and Public Relations and it is both terrifying and exhilarating.

Terrifying in the sense that I can no longer use the excuse, ‘Sorry I’m a student,’ to avoid adult responsibilities. Exhilarating because I am no longer torn between work and my studies (for now).

I still haven’t updated my social profiles because I feel kind of naked without the safe student title in my bio. Also because I’ve spent most of this year sending flirty GIFs to the Deakin University social media team on Twitter, and I really don’t want that relationship to end.

However, no longer having essays to write is a very, very good thing. It means that I have more time to write and create content to share online, which is something that I’ve neglected diving head first into for far too long.

Prepare your news feeds because the content is coming your way.

To kick things off, today I’m sharing a few of my favourite images from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week last month. As usual, my schedule was beyond belief hectic. I was in Melbourne for six days straight running between shows, giving radio interviews (you can listen to one here), attending seminars and organising events.

I always admire people who can keep up with the fast-paced fashion world. I edited over 5000 images during fashion week, with each day more and more requests for photographs coming in. I think I slept on an unmade bed for the entirety of that week and consumed more cups of coffee than bottles of water in order to get all of my work done. Not to mention, constantly checking hashtags on Instagram and following all the gossip. Just typing this out is making me feel exhausted.

The beauty of fashion week is that whilst it may seem like a very well styled mess, it always seems to come together beautifully, and this year was no exception. The calibre of the shows and seminars were above and beyond previous years and I hope that is reflected in my visual feast.

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