Test Shoot: Sebastian

I've been meaning to collaborate with Sebastian for a while now. I was first introduced to the angel-faced model through a mutual friend and I've daydreamed about a photo shoot ever since. Every time we attempted to organise something, one of us had to rearrange at the last minute, this was generally due to out common habit of having cheeky big nights out the day before a photo shoot. As you can tell, we're both very professional.

On Sunday, I eagerly caught the train into the city, ideas for the photoshoot were floating around in my head. As fate would have it, a miscommunication error cast a shadow of doubt over the shoot. I was already in the city, and Sebastian thought that we had organised the shoot for Monday instead of midday. Thankfully, we were able to meet up later on and resume the adventures I had planned.

I took Sebastian to my favourite cafe, Chez Dre in South Melbourne. I have this awful habit of 'wining and dining' my models before we shoot. It kind of tends to ease any tension that's always associated with meeting a person for the first time, and it also provides for some good photo opportunities. After a very late (and delicious) lunch, we walked the streets and alleyways of South Melbourne with ice creams from Bibelot in tow, naturally.

It was a fun-filled afternoon of food eating, photo taking and in-depth discussions about the mysterious ways of Instagram. I can't wait to work with Sebastian again.