An Empire State Of Mind

Wow, what a week.

If you have been following along via Instagram, you will know that I’ve been buried 6ft under a pile of design work and coffee jobs. I’m talking client work from 4am - 8am, and a 12 hour barista shift washed down with another 4 hours of client work until 1am. 3 hours of sleep at night for 5 days straight will wreck you. Needless to say.

Hustling hard is something that I intrinsically know how to do and, at times, is really important when you’re busy being your own boss. But, it’s also massively unhealthy. Over the weekend I literally couldn’t get out of bed and binge-watched You on Netflix whilst spooning about six pillows.

On the positive side, I earned a month’s wages in one week, and after taking (most of) December off from work for a month of complete and utter hedonism, I needed to earn some cash. Fast.

Negatively, by the end of the week I was ridiculously clumsy because I was exhausted. I now have the nickname Spilly which is best sung to the tune of Sweet Caroline.

I naively thought I would be able to publish 4 blog posts this week. FOUR POSTS!?! But it turns out when you work 100 hours in 5 days your body, mind and soul need a big rest. I always feel like I’m playing catch up with my content and this post is no exception seeing as it has been over a month since I took these photos.

But, let’s go back to New York City quickly. To begin my last day in the city, my brother and I climbed to the top of the Rockefeller Centre. We had a perfect, crisp winter morning for our viewing. A little haze and a lot of atmosphere.

Now, initially I was skeptical about paying $35USD to stand on a rooftop for 20 minutes surrounded by people waving their selfies sticks in my face, but I digress, on this occasion I was very wrong and, dare I say, actually enjoyed myself?

Wow, Carolyn enjoying something so stereotypically touristy? This is a brand new revelation!

I guess Alicia Keys had it right when she sung about a concrete jungle. Only a hard climb to the summit of a mountain overlooking the bright blue ocean can compare to the feeling of standing on the concrete tree tops of New York City. There aren’t many places in the world where something man made can make you feel the same way as standing at the foot of a great mountain forged by mother nature.