Au Revoir For Now, Old Friend

Ask any Parisian on the street, and they will have many stories where Notre Dame Cathedral silently stood as the most beautiful backdrop. From heart breaks on the left bank overlooking the towers, to revolutions and wars where she was saved sparingly, the cathedral has certainly seen a lot of history pass by its exterior.

Today, Notre Dame adds another chapter in the history books, as it burns with shocked and saddened onlookers. While her spire collapsed, people were singing in harmony… because this is France.

Transcending its spiritual status, the cathedral is a place of immense culture and pride for the city of Paris. Catholics, artists and appreciators of beauty alike flock to the square to gawk in awe through their iPhone screens and paintbrushes. It is an international symbol of human ingenuity to all of us, Notre Dame is an icon that elicits creativity and marksmanship right down to the smallest of details.

The site of Notre Dame has been used for religious worship for over a millennium. The skeleton of previous iterations of the cathedral can actually be seen embedded into the ground of the square in front of the building.

While we are all reeling with today’s loss, the story goes on for Notre Dame (even if she won’t be exactly the same) and I look forward to one day visiting her inside again.

For now, here are a few of my favourite images I’ve taken of her over the last few years.

A young couple embraces as they admire the interior of Notre Dame.

A man admires the cathedral’s famed carvings that tower over the doorways of Notre Dame.

The spire and towers of Notre Dame above the buildings of Île de la Cité.

Notre Dame is famed as a prime example of classic gothic architecture. Here you can see the flying buttresses and gargoyles that have inspired many writers and artists over its 850 year history.

A couple admire the cathedral from Square René Viviani.

An artist paints Notre Dame on the street.