I'm not supposed to have favourites... 

But after working with MPT Transformation over the last three years, it's hard not to have a soft spot for the team.

I was brought on as a wee intern during my final years of university and helped the team grow their social media channels to the stronghold of community engagement it remains today. Through a research-based social media plan, a dedicated Facebook group for members, a separate group for the public and a close collaboration with directors, Fern & Travis we worked tirelessly to raise the awareness of the business.

From there, MPT opened two new gyms which I designed the exterior signing for, managed the online launch collateral (videos, photos and advertisements, oh my!), and organised two very exciting family-friendly launch days. One event I even organised from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Talk about dedication! 

Some other cool things we've done: designed a cookbook, released a range of instructional exercise videos, designed tee-shirts in collaboration with Nike, took some jumpers I designed to Mount Everest Base Camp (and soon to be Machu Picchu), designed the ultimate fat-burning e-book, countless motivational and poster content, business cards, trainer uniforms and even photographed a mammoth 30-hour shoot across 3 long, fun days.