As the social media manager of the inaugural Pivot Summit, my daunting task was to establish, implement, monitor and review a social media strategy that was dynamic, creative, unique, and (most importantly) would act as a strong foundation for future events.

Working closely with the director, we were inspired by the likes of SXSW and how the multi-day festival kept attendees engaged in a fresh and innovative way year after year.

Along with my Pivot Minions (aka my amazing group of hand-picked volunteers), we curated and published original content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We managed a larger than life social media wall, interviewed speakers for extra behind the scenes goodies for attendees (and those watching at home) and even spent our downtime letterbox dropping flyers, organising media coverage, liaising with local higher education centres, and covering any wall, pole and billboard with posters.

The result? We finished the inaugural year trending number 2 on Twitter, and when we were asked to come back again for the 2016 summit, we reached number one. So you better believe we knew what we were doing - if only our social media wall had of had emoji integration :(