Hello, my name is Carolyn West.

I’m a travel photographer, writer, designer, and pretty shit hot on all things content marketing, according to my clients.


So what do you actually do?

Good question! I work exclusively in the travel industry, providing rad businesses with thoughtful visuals, bold design, and private consultations on all things digital marketing. You can read more about my services here.



Documenting the adventure with thoughtful and creative imagery that stands the test of time. For socials, print, and campaigns.



Crafted designs that reflect your business and mission through creative use of colour, bold lines and a lot of illustration.



Helping you to achieve all of your business goals when it comes to digital marketing at the touch of a button.


Why the travel industry?

The simple answer is that I grew up travelling.

I first experienced flying when I was three-weeks old, and whilst I’m not here to convince you that I remember such an event, or that it even shaped me as a person, it was a very good indication of what was to come.

By the age of 9, I had attended six different schools, lived in three states and visited some of the most remote parts of Australia.

My fondest childhood memories involve my parents loading up our 4x4 with camping gear, and our dogs (Misty and Charlie) before setting off on yet another adventure to an unknown location.

These family holidays, and our incessant hopping around the country, instilled the travel bug deep within me. By the time I was in high school, I was practically dying to leave the country.

I watched my friends and their families take off to far away places, coming back with postcard perfect images from Indonesia, Paris, and Turkey. We never left the country as a family, but I couldn’t stop daydreaming. I just wanted to see it all.

It is this curiosity that still fuels me today, to see every corner of the planet, and tell the stories of those who inhabit it.


So what projects have you worked on?

Sometimes I’m like a one woman show running everything from the art direction, photography, design and strategy, and other times I’m one small slice in a very large family-size pizza. Whatever the task is, you better believe I bring a whole lot of energy and smiles to it.


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