The Stephen Shore Experiment, 2018

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When visitin MoMa in May 2018, a particular series of images stood out to me by Stephen Shore. Titled, Avenues of the Americas (1970) the series of infrared snaps captured every intersection from 42nd street to Central Park.
Feeling inspired, I decided I wanted to appropriate the idea. So after I finished walking through the gallery, I rushed uptown to grab my camera and took the subway back downtown to walk the same streets. I don’t know what avenue Shore decided to walk down to take the original images, but I chose 6th Ave.
Here are a few creative rules I imposed on myself:
1. I must not stop walking except for at a red light.
2. I must only take a maximum of 3 images at each intersection.
3. No two images can be the same
4. I can only use one lens (85mm 1.2 Canon FL lens with adaptor and manual focus)
5. I am not allowed to crop, straighten or manipulate the images in post.
6. A single colour filter can be applied to all images.
It was extremely challenging (but also a lot of fun) going into each intersection essentially blind and having to work on the fly to find a new image to take each time. In total there are 18 images spanning 18 blocks taken between 4-4:30pm.